When it came time to introduce food to our son Noah it was exciting but also overwhelming especially as first-time parents. We knew we wanted to feed him fresh, organic, nutritious food but didn’t know how to go about doing it. We knew we weren’t going to find it in the grocery store since the off-the-shelf baby food still had all kinds of salts, sugars, preservatives or something artificial. Not to mention it wasn’t fresh and mainly packaged in one-time use food pouches. We also wanted to make sure he was going to get the nutrients he needed for optimal health and development as he grew.

So, between researching recipes (and everything else baby food and feeding related like all new parents do), shopping for fresh organic ingredients, prepping, cooking, blending, portioning, labeling and the messy cleanup, we quickly realized how much time and effort was needed to make fresh baby food. We wished there was a delivery service like the one for Noah’s cloth diapers (Wonderwear) that would deliver fresh, organic food for him to our door. That’s when Organic Yum Yums was born.

We worked with a Culinary & Registered Holistic Nutritionist to design a menu that would go in stages based on a baby’s natural development. Through our menu we created opportunities for your baby to try a variety of textures and flavour combinations and to develop and practice self-feeding and chewing all while still enjoying fresh, premium quality, handmade food.

We know you want to offer your child the best start in life and we want to help. We created Organic Yum Yums so you could feed your little one fresh handmade food that is nutritious, delicious, ready-to-eat and conveniently delivered to your door. We want to save you time and energy so you could spend it on yourself and with your family. We are also committed to food safety and eco-responsibility to ensure we have a clean environment for our children.

All of our meals are made-to-order fresh using 100% organic ingredients, have absolutely no added salts or sugars, are completely free of preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and come packaged in reusable glass jars. Our menu is also vegan and free of the top allergen foods.

Establish healthy eating habits from day one!

Meet Noah!

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